Losing the Words
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Losing the Words

I was surprised by joy this morning to discover that Verse Daily had featured my poem “Losing the Words” late last year! Somehow I missed it — and today was the perfect day to discover it! Here’s the link:http://www.versedaily.org/2015/losingthewords.shtml And here’s the poem: Losing the Words Wantons, they’d give themselves to anyone! See how they…

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Second Childhood

Second Childhoodfor Lucille Clifton Bless Lucille’s big hips!And bless my own free-at-last hips!Here they are dawdlingand not worrying onebit about where they arein relationto anyone else. You can look at me or not.I am not saying anything personal anymore. I am saying hips breasts belly legs feetroots branches and big thick trunktidessunrisesmonkeys lithe and witty…