Coming in Summer 2021

A Book Of Channels

Quickwater Oracles is a new kind of book for me, a collection of channeled pieces from 2018 and 2019, when I began training as a conscious channel.

All my life I’ve had experiences of merging with the natural world. My most authentic poetry originated in flashes from left field – craft came later, during revision. In 2018 I decided to train as a conscious channel in order to understand and direct this kind of experience.

I was astonished by how quickly the doors flew open. Channeling was easy and delicious and wide-ranging. Each consciousness, each “voice,” was unique. And despite my ingrained despair at the state of the world, these messages were filled with exuberant celebration of what is. With this book, I hope to share the loving, joyous, infinitely larger perspective they conveyed.


The natural world speaks—no, sings—through Ruth Thompson’s poetic channelings in Quickwater Oracles, inviting us into the playful paradox of holding our identities lightly while rejoicing in each embodiment’s distinctive voice. An accomplished, late-in-life author from a scientific and skeptical family discovers the delightful surprise of relinquishing the ego’s strivings, to be more like the pine trees who whisper, “All is for no reason. It is for pleasure. It is for itself knowing itself.” In this collection, creatures both mythical and familiar tell us that we can live unconditionally yet with discernment, that self-compassion is the opposite of selfishness because it opens up into love for the whole web of life.

Jendi Reiter, editor of and author of Bullies in Love and Two Natures.