Quickwater Oracles Draft Cover
Coming in Summer 2021

A New Book About Channeling

Quickwater Oracles is a new kind of book for me, a collection of channeled pieces from 2018 and 2019, when I began training as a conscious channel.

All my life I’ve had experiences of merging with the natural world. My most authentic poetry originated in flashes from left field – craft came later, during revision. In 2018 I decided to train as a conscious channel in order to understand and direct this kind of experience.

I was astonished by how quickly the doors flew open. Channeling was easy and delicious and wide-ranging. Each consciousness, each “voice,” was unique. And despite my ingrained despair at the state of the world, these messages were filled with exuberant celebration of what is. With this book, I hope to share the loving, joyous, infinitely larger perspective they conveyed.