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Losing everything and then returning to life brought me a great gift; an extraordinary experience of joy in the physical world.


Ruth’s work has won New Millennium Writings, Harpur Palate, Chautauqua, Tupelo Quarterly, and other national awards, and has been nominated several times for the Pushcart Prize. Woman with Crows was a finalist for the A Room of Her Own (AROHO) Foundation’s “To The Lighthouse” Prize.

Readings & Teachings

Past classes have included yoga, body-based meditation, and writing workshops for all levels (sometimes mixing all three and incorporating nature/various spiritual traditions). Check back soon, as sessions and Poetry Readings may return online via Zoom!


Some favorites that provide insight to the writing process and accompanying themes within these poems:

My Writing Process
Letting It Go
New News Now

“The sensual is what brought
me home.”


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I know from my own experience that what you come to through the death of the self is a place where the light pours in.