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“Ruth Thompson Talks About Her Work” — a short video made at Hilina Pali on the Big Island of Hawai’i, on the winter solstice, 2014:

“Grouse Song” – poem by Ruth Thompson, video by Don Mitchell, dancers Jenn Eng, Claudia Hagan, Anna Javier, Chloe Oldfather, Catherine Rehberg, Ruth Thompson, “Learning to Dance” from “Credo” string quartet by Kevin Puts, performed by the Miro String Quartet This video was featured on MOVING POEMS:

And here are the three videos from “The Seasons,” a collaboration with Shizuno Nasu on poems from Here Along Cazenovia Creek:

“The Seasons” (3 videos): Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter — with Shizuno Nasu and Gene Tamashiro

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