About Myself: At Hilina Pali

Thanks to Don Mitchell (video), Ethan Mitchell (editing), and Arvo Part (music), this lovely thing came to be. It was Ethan who suggested that in this first video I should say a few words about myself, rather than speak a poem.

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  1. What an exquisite introduction, full of wise compassion from a beautiful life in the words of a true artist. Thank you.

  2. Ruth, I already posted a comment on YouTube…but I wanted to post here as well. This is simply exquisite. The music is divine, the videography and editing captivating, and your words, the way you tell us about yourself…made me know you in an entirely new way, which in itself was an amazing gift. I want more of this. Yes, make videos of poems. But periodically, I would love this type of video, too. Or perhaps when you read poems, open or close with how they came to be? Kudos! What a wonderful new direction! sending love…

    1. Michelle, I’m so happy that this connected with you and moved you. It all just seemed to come together without effort. Thanks to Ethan, mostly!

  3. Dear Ruth:
    How beautiful! You have a wonderful way with words and ideas, something you have always had! I admire that a lot!
    Your friend always, Sue

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