January 4, 2014

Two days of thunder and lightning, torrents of rain, flood warnings, the sky cracking and slamming and booming and blasting!

And wow, did it just run all that old energy of 2013 right out of here! Banging out the old, banging in the new, clearing the air and  pouring that champagne effervescence into our lives — the absolutely best, freshest, most exciting start to a new year in my entire life. Woo hoo! Thank you!

Here’s the view from Mauna Kea, the Canada-France-Hawai’i Telescope  “cloud cam” at 14,000 feet:

No need for New Year’s fireworks! This was the real thing. Electricity!

Smells like effervescence, this 2014 does — like super-charged ions, like crystallinity. Vinho Verde, prickling the tongue.

2014! Gorgeous! Bring on the joy!

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