“Body Speaking” workshop

a writing workshop with Ruth Thompson
February 21, 2015

Our histories are held in our bodies. Old patterns, wounds, self-limitations, ideas of what we can and cannot do – all are remembered by our bodies.

In this workshop we practice listening to the stories our bodies have to tell and the “meaning” of our somatic presence.

As writers, whether beginning or experienced, we can discover through this process our own authentic voices and free ourselves to speak our truth.

We begin with movement and breath drawn from energy medicine, Taoist yoga, dance, and Ruth’s work with Angela Farmer, to energize the body, stretch connective tissue, and move energy through the chakras.

We spend some time opening the throat chakra by yawning, laughing, and “singing out.”

A guided meditation offers compassion to the places in our bodies where we are holding pain, and lovingkindness to ourselves just as we are.

This inner listening flows into a writing exercise, “body speaking.”

This two-hour workshop will be offered next in northern California in April, 2015.

Please contact Ruth at wailuku.ruth@gmail.com for further information and to register.

Ruth Thompson is the author of two books of poetry: WOMAN WITH CROWS and HERE ALONG CAZENOVIA CREEK. Her poems have won numerous awards. Ruth is a popular performer, writing teacher, and book editor. She has a Ph.D. in English and is also a certified yoga instructor. For more information about Ruth and samples of her poems and videos, check out her website at http://www.ruththompson.net/

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  1. I’m excited about getting to read some of your more recent work! I’ve been thinking about “body” for a few weeks — wish I could have attended this workshop 🙂

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