The Inventor Of The LuVailean Sonnet

The Inventor of the LuVailean Sonnet She was no Millay, my Great-Aunt Lucy, but she named herself Lyra LuVaile, Poet Laureate of Long Beach, California, and wrote a book in which she speaks familiarly of Stars, the Cosmos, the Music of the Spheres – subjects I might write about, myself, though not perhaps so familiarly….


Letting It Go

Letting It Go I’m walking on my birthdayand this timeI’mletting it go. Headline!Waistline!Toe the line!Morning line! I’ve stopped stoppingat all the roads not taken(you know the ones I mean) because here’s the joke:every road is a dead end. So I’m just walking on my birthdayand letting it go. In my throat, regret.On my tongue, mourning……


In 2012, I had the great privilege of performing my poems with the celebrated choreographer and dancer Shizuno Nasu and percussionist Gene Tamashiro. The performance was titled “Dancing the Seasons.”   Shizuno was brilliant and terrifying and moving!   This experience transformed the way I look at “reading” poetry.   See the video of “Spring”here…


January 4, 2014 Two days of thunder and lightning, torrents of rain, flood warnings, the sky cracking and slamming and booming and blasting! And wow, did it just run all that old energy of 2013 right out of here! Banging out the old, banging in the new, clearing the air and  pouring that champagne effervescence…