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CRAZING by Ruth Thompson, August 1st, 2015
$13.00 ($15.50 Canada) Paperback • 5.5” x 8.5” 52 pages, Poetry
ISBN 978-0-991395262



Saddle Road Press of Hilo, Hawai’i, announces the release of Crazing, the latest work of poet Ruth Thompson, who takes on the themes of dementia, loss (and rediscovery) of self, and environmental collapse in a voice uniquely her own.

“My body and the earth’s body are one,” Thompson says in her video “Ruth Thompson Talks About Her Work.” These two threads – the poet’s “crazing” body and the dessicating body of earth – interweave in Crazing. Here Thompson takes us through grief, elegy, memory, and delight – finding even her own mental cracks and the drought-stricken “delaminating” earth transformed by “laughter’s fire.”

“Who are you and what do you love?” she asks herself, and answers with poem after poem, despite loss of memory and the earth’s “seepage toward empty:” “this, this, this, this….”

“See the glaze crack?” she cries, “And the glazed eyes craze? // Yes. This. It’s me.”


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“Woman With Crows is an antidote to fear.Jendi Reiter

“…from Buddhist ghosts to Grimm fairy tales to Sumerian and Greek goddesses …. transformed by a lived and experienced imagination… these courageous poems journey the dark and beautiful mysteries and bravely offer, in a lyric that is fiercely wild and refreshingly independent, deeply earned wisdoms.” Philip Terman, author of The Torah Garden

Woman With Crows was my second book of poems. It explored my own past from ”hungry ghosts” to the Fool-Crone, ”dancing what she  does not know to dance.” It was a finalist for the A Room of Her Own Foundation’s ”To the Lighthouse” Prize and includes poems that won the New Millennium Writings and Harpur Palate awards. Both this book and Crazing include “The White Queen” and “Sudden Oak Death Syndrome.”

You can buy Woman With Crows through Powell’s, IndieBound or your local bookstore, or from Amazon or barnesandnoble.



My first book of poems, Here Along Cazenovia Creek celebrated the turning seasons in the hill country of western New York. It was the basis for “Dancing the Seasons,” a performance of dance and poetry with the great Japanese dancer Shizuno Nasu.

YouTube video of “Spring”
YouTube video of “Summer”

YouTube video of “Fall/Winter”

You can buy Here Along Cazenovia Creek through Powell’s, IndieBound and your local bookstore, or Amazon or barnesandnoble.

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